These inspiring landscapes by last year’s entrants show off Scotland’s diverse and spectacular scenery, it’s historic buildings and wild places. Which one is you favourite? 1. Allan Wright, Buachaille Etive Mor Allan Wright – The Buachaille Etive Mor This iconic mountain offers infinite photo possibilities and on this occasion I chose to return to the … Read more

Forests and trees

Loch Arklet

As ever, we want to help you with your submissions and we’ve been asked if it is permitted to enter images of trees and forests, and the answer is a resounding YES! It goes without saying that Scotland boasts stunning scenery and a large part of our landscape includes our beautiful forest parks, so we … Read more

Photo ideas for Hallowe’en

It’s Halloween weekend so what better time to get out and capture some moody night time or ghostly images to enter in the competition!  Here’s a few ideas for you to try over the coming weekend. 1. Capture a historic castle against the moon Scotland is known as the Land of Castles so we are … Read more

7 great seascape photography locations in Fife

If you’ve already selected your images for the seascape category then we’ll be delighted to see your entries, but if you haven’t, or you fancy testing your skills with some new images in the weeks running up to the closing date, then why not get out and try these locations on the Fife coast? We’ve … Read more

Tips for the Urban Landscapes Category

Calton Hill View Edinburgh

The urban landscape category is a flexible category and we want to help you as much as possible when choosing your images for submission. We’re all familiar with what constitutes a classic landscape, but the urban landscape is a diverse category comprising of many variables. For some it’s a sweeping city skyline or a motorway … Read more