7 great seascape photography locations in Fife

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If you’ve already selected your images for the seascape category then we’ll be delighted to see your entries, but if you haven’t, or you fancy testing your skills with some new images in the weeks running up to the closing date, then why not get out and try these locations on the Fife coast? We’ve put together these great locations for you to try to capture some new images. You just never know, you might just get the winning image, so get out there and get shooting!

1. North Queensferry

Forth Bridge
Anchor at FRB – ©Stuart Low
The FRB – ©Stuart Low

First up is North Queensferry. Situated between two bridges what better place to capture an iconic image that is instantly recognisable. There are countless different ways to capture the bridges and you can even include the motion of the trains as the coast over to their destinations. Try shooting in the gloaming or why not go for a moody look as the clouds roll in along the firth? And new for this year, you might get a fantastic capture of the new bridge as it is being built! It’s a new structure and we’d love to see your takes on this as it gets built up.

2. Burntisland

Burntisland Jetty - ©Stuart Low
Burntisland Jetty LE – ©Stuart Low
Burntisland harbour - ©Stuart Low
Burntisland Harbour – ©Stuart Low

If you want to capture something a little more different from the classic seascape, then Burntisland is the place. The harbour is ideally suited to long exposures and something a little industrial in look and feel. The working harbour is a treasure trove of great finds, with rusted anchors and weathered wooden boats, to working boats set against the sea wall. The two images above are just a taster of what’s possible if you want an industrial feel to your images! Well worth a visit!

3. Pettycur Bay

Pettycur Bay Fife - ©Stuart Low
Images from Pettycur Bay – ©Stuart Low

Pettycur is a tiny harbour next to a long and sweeping sandy beach. In the harbour you can find fisherman’s huts, smoke houses and an assortment of fishing boats to capture the feel of a small fishing village. At low tide the beach rolls out for about 2 miles and the small outcrops provide plenty opportunities for classic minimalist seascapes. Best times are at sunrise and sunset.

4. Seafield, Kirkcaldy

Seafield Sunrise - ©Stuart Low
Seafield sunrise – ©Stuart Low

Seafield is situated to the southwest of Kirkcaldy and runs along the coastal path. The beach runs along the town before coming to a disused harbour made up of a long sweeping seawall and many rockpools inside. Further along there are some fantastic angular and jagged rock formations that appear from the sea as the tide moves out (great for long exposures). As a backdrop on the other side of the estuary you can capture images of the Edinburgh skyline and the Island of Inchkeith makes a great focal point , especially when the sun sets and illuminates the lighthouse!

5. Elie & Earlsferry

Elie Lighthouse at Sunset - ©Stuart Low
Elie Lighthouse in the gloaming – ©Stuart Low

The coastal town of Elie and Earlsferry is an immense draw for photographers. Situated around Ruby Bay, there is the iconic “chess piece” lighthouse that sits on a small outcrop of land. To the east there is a small ruin and to the west there are views over the bay and along the coast. Elie is particularly photogenic at any time of the day. The white walls of the lighthouse reflect the colour of the sky at sunrise or sunset so you can be assured of something interesting. Often you will see magnificent banks of clouds roll in from the west which make for a great backdrop to any seascape. A definite location to visit!

6. St Monans

St Monans Images ©Stuart Low
St Monans scenes – ©Stuart Low

The sea fishing village of St Monans is one of the East Neuk’s hidden gems and a regular tourist destination on the Fife Coastal path. And there are hidden gems within the gem itself (especially for the photographer). The “ZigZag” is one such hidden gem that is now a pilgrimage for many photographers to capture on their visit. (Many have traveled as far as Australia) For such a large structure it is surprisingly easy to miss but we’ll let you find it for yourself. On either side of the harbour there are walks and many great sights to see including windmills, the church and a ruined castle to the west. The images above are a taster of what you can expect to capture.

7. Cellardyke

Cellardyke Long Exposure ©Stuart Low
Cellardyke harbour back wall. Shot on film – ©Stuart Low

Cellardyke is a small harbour village conjoined to nearby Anstruther, which is also home to the award winning fish and chip shop. Both towns have picturesque harbours to capture great classic images but look past the harbour walls and you will see a brilliant setting for dramatic seascapes and long exposures. With an imposing harbour wall and great rock formations, it’s the ideal place to get out a Firecrest filter and capture a moody or dynamic shot. The shot above was shot on an ND filter and shot on Ilford Delta film. Remember, it’s great to shoot on film too!

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