Forests and trees

As ever, we want to help you with your submissions and we’ve been asked if it is permitted to enter images of trees and forests, and the answer is a resounding YES!

It goes without saying that Scotland boasts stunning scenery and a large part of our landscape includes our beautiful forest parks, so we definitely encourage you to submit your best shots of trees and forests. If you’ve already got your shots then remember there’s only a week to go. And if you fancy getting out to try and capture something new for the competition then we’ve provided a list of great forest locations to visit. You never know, you may just capture the winning image!

Here’s a list of our beautiful forest parks below, courtesy of the Forestry Commission Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

Lochs Arklet and Rusky
Loch Arklet & Boats at Loch Ruskie – ©Stuart Low

From Loch Lomond to Loch Katrine there are lone trees set against beautiful lochs and sweeping forests. Whether it is the soft light of a sunrise or sunset, or the drama of a moody cloudy day, they all make for great images. The forests around the tranquil lochs near Aberfoyle such as Loch Ard and Arklet provide stunning backdrops for serene photos. Then there’s the larger lochs such as Loch Lomond and Arklet that are peppered with forests amid the rugged mountains so there are many opportunities to capture many different moods.

Argyll Forest Park

Scots Pines
Scots Pines – ©Stuart Low

Roam around Argyll Forest Park and you’ll find lots of trees to set against the beauty of the landscape from the Arrochar Alps to the towering trees of Benmore, and plenty of opportunities to capture great image to enter the competition.

Tay Forest Park

The Hermitage Bridge, Perthshire – ©Stuart Low

If tall trees are your thing then the Tay Forest Park is the place to visit. With places like the Queens View, the Hermitage and the forests of Weem, there’s lots of opportunities to capture great images.

Tweed Valley Forest Park

The Tweed Forest Park peppers the banks of the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders and is a fantastic place to capture forests and trees amongst the winding trails. Horse riders and mountain bikers use frequent these forests and can be a great added element to your photos.

Glenmore Forest Park

Glenmore Forest Park is tucked away in the Cairngorm National Park and is a haven for wildlife and great scenery. Nearby Loch Morlich adds interest amongst the rolling hils of the Cairngorms. There’s lots of opportunities at this time of year and with a dusting of snow on the hills, what better time to get out and capture some great shots!

Galloway Forest Park

Scotland has some of the BEST dark skies in Europe. Free from light pollution, the Galloway Forest Park is a fantastic location to capture star trails set against the forest canopy and if you’re there at the right time, the chances are good for you to capture the Northern Lights. And as an added bonus, the park is picturesque during the daytime too!