Seascape Award

Awarded to the single highest scoring image entered into the sescape category of competition. Entrants may enter multiple images in this category.

Accolades in this category

  • Winner
  • Runner up
  • Highly commended
  • Commended

What are we looking for?

We are looking for views of Scotland’s mainland and island coastal regions including fishing villages, ports and beaches. Such is the diversity of out coastal regions that we will be looking for images that depict everythinh from the quintessential character of our fishing villages to the tranquility of our beaches to the power of the savage seas. Images of people may be included but should not be posed or the main subject.

Criteria permitted for this category

You may submit:

  • Coastal views of the Scottish mainland
  • Coastal views of the Scottish islands
  • Ports, fishing villages, castles & lighthouses

** Where a castle is inhabited (i.e. a private residence) or charges a fee to enter, there may be intellectual property or privacy rights where photographs are concerned. Entrants should check with the relevant owners and seek permission before entering the competition.

Please note: The Scottish coast for all its beauty can be a dangerous place and you should not take risks, endanger yourself or others in pursuit of your images. You should always be aware of tides and any hazards in and around our coastlines.

Criteria not permitted for this category

Entrants should not submit

  • Inland urban, town or village views
  • Images of Military, Naval or Airforce bases, vehicles, ships, aircraft or uniformed personnel
  • Images of schools or playgrounds

Acceptable media

Images may be captured on digital, film or any alternative photographic process but must be submitted in digital format.

Preliminary judging stages – all images to be submitted in JPG format, maximum 2000px on the long side, 72ppi Adobe.

Final round judging stage – RAW and/or original JPGs will be required.

Digital Adjustments and Processing

Digital adjustments are allowed for this category but the integrity of the subject must be maintained. In other words, digital adjustments may be used to make corrections and basic enhancements such as balancing shadows and highlights, removing artefacts etc. Digital adjustments should not be used in a way that alters the subject – e.g. adding/removing items, over-saturation, using plugins to add artificial sunlight, mist etc.

Converting digital images to black and white is permitted.

In short, less is more.

Respecting the landscape & the right roam.

We respectfully ask that when taking your images you show care for the environment and respect the interests of others. When out and about taking your photographs for the competition, we ask that you abide by the Scottish Country Access Code. Links to the Country Code are listed below.

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Trespass Laws & SOAC

Photographers should be aware that Trespass is an offence in Scotland

Please read our page on Scottish trespass laws.