Dougie Cunningham

View From Goatfell

Arran is a stunning island, made all the more wonderful for the variety of its landscapes and the fact that it is so easily reached from Glasgow. On this occasion I was over for a few days with the camper van rather than my more usual day trip. I confess I made the age- old mistake of getting too comfortable with a brew in the back of the van while waiting for the evening light, and had a bit of a sprint to get to the summit in time to scout a spot to take in the sunset. In the end, the weather closed out before the day’s end but I managed to capture this frame as the clouds lowered, and I reckon it is all the more atmospheric for the impending weather. The other advantage to the change in conditions was that I was back in Brod- ick in time for a late pint rather than sitting on the hill until the sun went down!

2014Landscape CategoryHighly Commended