Your Vision Award

“Your Vision” Award




All win a place in the exhibition.
1 x Winner – signed copy of portfolio book, branded A1 Print
1 x Runner Up – signed copy of portfolio book, branded A2 Print
1 x Highly Commended – signed copy of portfolio book, branded A3 print
1 x Commended – branded A4 print

The “Your Vision” Award is an open, “no limits”, “anything goes” category where you can showcase your creativity and express your vision in your photograph in any way you wish.

The Your Vision Award shall be awarded to the photographer, who in the opinion of the judges, has submitted the best overall image in this category. Entrants must be 18 years of age and over to be eligible. Multiple entries are allowed.

Photography is slowly being accepted as an art-form where the vision of you the photographer, combined with advances in digital editing programs means that we are seeing some of the most beautiful photographic art ever seen. The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition embraces this artistry and we want to lead the way by introducing this fantastic new category into the competition.

The aim is to show us your vision in a final image of your choice and using whatever means of editing you wish to use. For example, you may wish to turn a tranquil beach into a dark approaching storm or turn the autumn colours into an impressionistic view. You may wish to create collages, stitch panoramas, create an image from different days, create effects using focus stacking or invent a competely new technique.

What editing techniques can you use?

You can use as much or as little image editing as you wish using any combination of programs and plugins that you want.  You don’t need to use software to achieve your final image. You can also use techniques with your camera – such as wiggling or moving it in a long exposure, shaking it wildly or breathing on your lens to create a fog. You can also use traditional techniques involving film then digitising the image by scanning or re-photographing with your camera. For example, you can spatter paint on a print or soak it in coffee then take a digital copy. The possibilities are simply endless and we are really hoping to see your creativity in a final image.

What about images taken previously?

There is no limit whatsoever to when your image was taken but it must be your own original image and from a place in Scotland.  The originating image should also be your own image and must not be created or derived from someone else’s work. You may also enter images that have been entered in other competitions or published in magazines, news papers etc., so long as you have not signed away exclusive rights or licence to your images.

What will the judges be looking for?

The judges will be looking for something that shows a level of creativity whilst being somewhat recognisable as a place in Scotland. For example, images made to look highly abstract can still be recognised as a Scottish place.  The judges will also look for new techniques with either software or using your camera. However you produce your final image is entirely up to you, but in the event you are shortlisted for the final round, we will ask to see your original image.

Please do not submit:

  1. Images of privately owned stately homes unless permission is obtained.
  2. Images of restricted government buildings or military installations.

Acceptable media

Both film and digital images are allowed but your submissions should be in digital jpg format only via the competition website. Film images may be submitted from scans of colour transparency, black and white or colour negatives. Film images should be processed as per “digital adjustments and processing” section.

Digital Adjustments and Processing

ALL Digital adjustments are allowed and there are no limits.


Respecting the landscape.

We respectfully ask that when taking your images you show care for the environment and respect the interests of others. When out and about taking your photographs for the competition, we ask that you abide by the Scottish Country Access Code. Links to the Country Code are listed below.

Country Code Summary

Country Code in Full