The Competition

The Scottish Landscape Photography Awards are an annual photography competition first launched in September 2014.

The Competition is owned by Breeze Media Ltd. It is managed and subsidised by it’s founder Stuart Low, and is run on a not for profit basis.

All rules and judging decsions are made democratically by agreement with sponsors, judges and Stuart Low.

The awards aim to:

  • recognise and reward the talents of the many great photographers who practice photography in Scotland;
  • showcase the beauty and diversity of the Scottish landscape, its coasts, islands and towns & cities in a collection of beautiful images;
  • showcase the talents of photographers and raise their profiles to a global audience;
  • promote and encourage photographers of all levels to take to the Scottish outdoors and capture their own beautiful views; and
  • raise awareness of our natural heritage and promote conservation of our landscape.

The overall winner, category winners and those that are commended will have their work showcased to a global audience as well as having their work showcased in an exhibition, book, calendar and postcards. Proceeds from sales are usedd to build the competition, fund exhibitions and provide bigger and better prizes for each year.