Philip Stewart

Crop of Gold

Rural countryside of the Trossachs at the beginning of Autumn. Mist lingered below in the rolling hills, I setup my brand new camera and lens for the first time using a telephoto to focus on the scene more intimately. I patiently waited, hoping the mist would stick around until the sun had risen in the other direction. Fortunately, it did and I was able to capture the field of crops and mist lighting up gold.

2014Landscape CategoryCommended

Aberfeldy Autumn

Peak Autumn colours and bursting rivulets through the gorge of Aberfeldy Birks after a heavy and prolonged recent rainfall. This scene stood out to me with the abundance of leaves, overhanging canopy and the slicing drop in the river. A steady balance on foot and with the tripod was needed on the very slippy rocks and the use of a polarising filter helped with the water and brought out the naturally saturated colours.

2014Landscape CategoryCommended