Competition entry fees

Adult competition options Entry fee Notes
Single image (Option 1) £6 Allows you to submit 1 image in any category
Three images (Option 2) £11 Allows you to submit up to 3 images in any category
Seven images (Option 3) £16 Allows you to submit up to 7 images in any category
Fifteen images (Option 4) £21 Allows you to submit up to 15 image in any category
Young Photographer Entry fee Notes
3 images £0 Allows you to submit up to 10 images in any category


  1. You may enter multiple times
  2. You may enter the full or part of the allowance for the option you select. For example, if you choose option 4 with an allowance of 15 images but only want to enter 12 images, this is allowed. Please note that if you upload less images than the allowance for that option, no refund is payable.

Please see the “how to enter” page for instructions on entering the competition.