2021 Exhibitions

2021 SLPOTY exhibitions

Major Exhibitions – July 2021- May 2022:

Venue: James Centre – Bonnie & Wild, Edinburgh

Exhibition format – the exhibition is on permanent residence and prints are exhibited in 3 sets

Set 1 – summer 2021 – on display now
Set 2 – date TBA (winter 2021)
Set 3 – date TBA (spring 2022)

Screens – all winners and commendees images are on display at all times on digital screens througout the venue until May 2022.

Commendees & Winners Opening night

The Opening night for Commendees and Winners is scheduled for August 2021 and an exact date will be announced in due course – likely the 3rd or 4th week pending Covid restrictions. Would all commendees and prize winners please notify us if they can attend the opening night to give us an idea of likely numbers for catering and drinks. We understand that some may have holiday commitments or are unable to attend due to distances but if you can attend in either the 3rd or 4th week, please do let us know. Plus ones are invited.

Rotating and sponsor exhibitions:

The John Muir Trust
John Reece Wildspace Gallery
Station Road
PH16 5AN

Dates: TBA due to Covid

This exhibition will showcase the John Muir Trust winning images from the wild places award. The images will be showcased in the JMT publication and sent out to 10,000 members.

Castle Stalker View
PA38 4BL

Dates: TBA Covid pending