All Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers (SOSLP) members banned

Effective 15th December 2021,

All members of the so-called “Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers” are banned from entering the Competition. All members of the soslp are also exlcuded from any future publicity, sponsor promotions, events or sales enquiries made to the Competition. The reasons for the ban are given below.

The “Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers” or “SOSLP” are not a legally registered society. They are a Facebook group and a collection of individuals that operate in secret, and in the eyes of the law they are an unincorporated association.

An unincorporated association has no legal identity therefore it is the individual members who are legally & collectively responsible for its actions and its members are not safe from liability incurred by others.

Under current Scots law, members may be held personally liable to compensate a third party for harm they have suffered as a result of the wrongful actions of the association. Wrongful actions can include a negligent act, an event causing nuisance or the making of a defamatory remark.

Defamatory statements have been published by its members about me, and baseless allegations of me conducting a “personal vendetta” against the SOSLP are being circulated widely by certain known members. I have been harrassed by some members for which I have substantial evidence and evidence has also been provided by multiple sources of certain members encouraging serious harm to be caused to my personal reputation, and therefore the Competition, by spreading vicious and vile allegations that I am a dictator and vindictive.

No “personal vendetta” exists and to make this statement about me in any capacity, I will hold as defmatory. Calling me a “dictator”, “vindictive” or “lining my pockets” in any capacity, I will aslo hold as defamatory.

Neither myself nor the Competition have done nothing to this so-called “society”.

The SOSLP however, have from its inception been prejudiced towards me and other photographers. They “banned” me without ever having known me, without ever having engaged with me and without me ever having been a member of their group. Others have confirmed they were treated similarly.

For all their prejudice towards me, I have never resorted to the same behaviour as them – on the contrary, I have shown kindness and good faith to their members and all this Competition has ever done is welcome their members warmly. It is even a matter of public record that not only have their members been allowed to enter the Competition freely for the past 5 years, those that did and won awards & commendations have enjoyed media promotion of a phenomenal level to a worldwide audience. Through my efforts, many have been showcased by the media in magazines, newspapers and online. Through my efforts, their members have enjoyed promotion at exhibitions and opening nights, and some were given entire evenings to do talks at venues like Dock Street studios. Through my efforts, they achieved sales of their work and their profiles have been raised – a fact that is has been taken for granted by many of them.

Despite all of this I made a public plea to the SOSLP to discuss and resolve the matters amicably for the good of the community..

That offer was ignored.

Whilst there are many good people in the SOSLP that have done absolutely nothing wrong, things have been taken too far by some and the entire group are liable nevertheless (as per above).

All members of the SOSLP are therefore banned from the Competition.