An Open Letter to the Owner of the SOSLP

UPDATE 15th DEC 2021

No contact was made by the "SOSLP". All members remain banned from the Competition.


It was pointed out that "the 'SOSLP' are not a bona fide society as "Bona Fide" societies must be registered with Financial Conduct Authority and be legally constructed with a registered office, rules and elected officials. The SOSLP are not registered."

Members of the "SOSLP" have informed us that they are just a Facebook page, they have no say in things, there are no officials, and that all the decisions are made by the owner. We are being told to "take it up with the owner".

Since the "Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers" do not legally exist, we amend our offer to "An Open Letter to the owner of the SOSLP Facebook group" and is reworded as per below. The original offer is kept further down for context.


Dear Owner of the SOSLP Facebook Group, 

We "The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year" publicly invite you to contact the Competition by no later than 14th December 2021 to discuss the issues in our rules concerning the exclusion of your Facebook group, with a view to agreeing a resolution which allows members of your group to enter the Competition. 

Members have asked us to "take it up with the owner of the group" and we have made attempts to do so through your Facebook page, however the Competition's account appears to be blocked. 

We can be contacted by following this link.

The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year   

Since I made the announcement to postpone the 2021 Competition last week, I have received emails of support from across the photography community and I would like to thank everyone who made the effort to get in touch.

I have also received emails from members of the SOSLP informing me that their owner is keen to reach out to me to resolve the issues concerning the exclusion of his members from entering the Competition. If that was indeed the case, then there has been no contact of any kind by him or any other official of the SOSLP. This is bitterly disappointing because since the exclusion was announced 2 months ago, I have actively encouraged the SOSLP to contact me so that the issues could be resolved. My door is and always has been open.

Conspiracies persist that I am waging a personal war and vendetta against the SOSLP because I have been “banned” from their group. It is certainly true that I have been “banned”. I actually saw it with my own eyes, as did many people when it was posted on their Facebook page 4 years ago, but I am still to this day, mystified why someone who has never actually been a member of SOSLP can actually be banned. Despite these conspiracies, there is absolutely no vendetta whatsoever against the SOSLP, or has there ever been, because If that were the case, then why have the SOSLP been allowed to enter the Competition for the past 4 years?

Despite the conspiracies, there is no desire whatsoever for me to exclude the SOSLP from the Competition and I am genuinely baffled as to why the SOSLP have made no attempt to resolve the issues. As is stands currently, from the lack of contact I can only conclude that the SOSLP’s owners are content for their members to remain excluded from the Competition and that is a genuine travesty. From the emails I’ve received, it is clear that the individual members want to enter, and I am genuinely keen to allow them to enter but my hands are tied until such times as the issues are addressed.

All this said, if Davie Hudson or the officials of the SOSLP are willing reach out to me to resolve the issues, and lift the “ban” on me, then I will not only remove the exclusion on SOSLP members, I will open the Competition on the 18th December 2021 and as a gesture of goodwill, I will make it entirely free to enter for everyone. With no income, there will obviously be no money for prizes, but I will compensate as best I can and put up £6000 of my own savings to produce as many copies of the book as possible.

I genuienly hope their officials will take up my offer, because the past two years have been an extremely difficult time for everyone. It’s about time we all put aside our differences, stopped the isolation and suspicion and came together as an inclusive community and became friends.

The contact form is here and this is all I can do.