I set up this Competition in 2014 with nothing but the good intentions of promoting photographers and our scenery. It has since grown to become internationally recognised, achieve considerable success for many photographers and all the amazing images by winners have brought immense joy into the homes of people across the globe. 

Most know that I do this all single-handedly, I don’t get any money from it, I keep myself out of the public eye and never use it to promote myself. I’ve kept it going through thick and thin, and put my own money in to keep it running. The overwhelming majority of those who enter this competition are wonderful, decent people and I do this all for them.

Despite this, I’ve had to sit back for 7 years and say nothing whilst being subjected to all manner of abuse and witnessing hate spread about me publicly. I’ve been accused of lining my pockets, called names like sweaty jock, scammer, tosser, and many more besides. I’ve felt unsafe at public events and unable to attend our opening night. 

Once again, abuse and hate is being circulated because two new rules for the forthcoming Competition were published in advance. 

Almost all of this from people who don’t enter, who I’ve never me or just hate competitions. The rest are entrants who didn’t hear want they wanted or whose egos were larger than their skills.

The abuse stops now. I won’t sit back and take this any longer and from this day forward, any abuse witnessed, reported, hate spread or defamatory statements made against me will be used for either legal action or reported to the Police.

Abuse wrecks lives and I won’t let it wreck mine any longer.